One of the most sought after amenities in a home is wood flooring.  From its natural appearance and warmth underfoot, wood is beautiful and timeless.  Older traditional homes with their original hardwood floors are one of the pros of buying older homes.  Newer homes that have a lower price point, but that still want the natural look of wood use laminate to win home buyers over.  Whichever is your preference there are pros and cons to buying hardwood vs. laminate wood flooring.  Determine which one fits with your lifestyle and budget; one is right for your home.


Price: The reality of flooring costs and what your wallet can afford may be miles apart.  Take into consideration the cost of laminate and hardwood flooring to determine what is best for you.

Laminate: PROSLaminate wood flooring is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures.  The photograph or image of hardwood is then covered over the composite wood to form the laminate, thus is cheaper.  Laminate wood installation cost is on an average 50% less than hardwood.

Hardwood: CONSHardwood flooring is made from harvested trees and depending on how exotic the trees are will depict the pricing. Hardwood is considerably higher to buy and to install.


Durability: Assess the traffic load and wear and tear on flooring in your home.  How durable your wood flooring is will help with maintenance and keep it looking great for years to come.

Laminate: PROS – Since laminate wood flooring is made from pressed wood it is more durable and resists scratches, moisture and wear and tear better than hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is also easier to clean on a routine basis. CONS – Even though laminate is more durable it is not as visually appealing and lower qualities of laminate may have artificial looking wood grain textures.

Hardwood: CONS – Hardwood is susceptible to scratching, can get damaged from excessive moisture and will show wear, especially in heavy trafficked areas in your home. PROS – Hardwood is the ‘real deal’. It is gorgeous to look at and depending on the variety can add considerable value to your home.

Repair: Flooring is one component of your home that at one time or another will have to be repaired.  From minor accidents in the home, to excessive wear and tear, laminate and hardwood have separate advantages and disadvantages.

Laminate: CONS – Laminate flooring doesn’t repair easily.  If you buy flooring that comes in individual pieces and snapped together, you may be able to replace.  Although, depending on sunlight and age, the new piece may not match properly.

Hardwood: PROS – Hardwood can be repaired by sanding and refinishing out imperfections.  This advantage gives hardwood a plus over laminate, in that it will last for years into the future.

Your home will benefit from the look of wood flooring, deciding on hardwood or laminate is up to you.  Review the pros and cons and be realistic with your lifestyle and if you have pets, young kids, or extremely high traffic that will sway your decision one way over the other.  If you have a lot of sun entering your home, hardwood can fade because it is a natural product. Laminate wood flooring on the contrary has UV protection that has been ‘man-made’ into the surface.  Consider all the factors and enjoy how the warmth of wood will improve your home’s aesthetic and appeal.