When selling your home, first impressions count. It’s always a tough call when deciding to spend money on a property you’re looking to say goodbye to in the very near future, however, the investment is often well worth considering.

If the carpets in your entrance hall and your stairs are tired, worn and dull, it really can reduce the appeal of a property. These important areas of your home often get overlooked, are subject to a lot of wear and tear and yet they are the first thing potential buyers will see!

A relatively small investment in new flooring for your hallway and stairs in particular, can really help your property sell faster and for more money. Improving the space that potential buyers see first when they enter their prospective new home can make a real difference to your chances of securing the offer you’ve been waiting for.

Mrs Bryant from Marldon, decided to freshen up her entrance hall and stairs soon after placing her property on the market. “The difference it made was remarkable, and there’s no doubt it helped me sell the property quickly and for a decent price. I used Swift Carpets and Flooring, who advised me well. We chose a neutral yet uplifting carpet, nothing fancy or too costly but it complimented my decor and certainly gave the property a lift. I most certainly got a return on my investment and would recommend looking at this area of your house as being very important. First impressions really do count so make sure it’s a good one”!

Leading local estate agents also endorse this type of investment when looking to sell a home. Keith Bowden, of Bowdens and Partners in St Marychurch, Torquay speaks from experience. “Freshening up the reception areas with new carpets and flooring is a wise move”. Keith goes on to add “it’s something we have advised our clients to do on numerous occasions and has always had a positive effect. The success of a viewing can increase dramatically if a properties hallway and stairs are new. Having a clean and fresh reception area is vitally important and the flooring is an essential part of that mix. If a property has a tired look to it when you first walk in, your chances of receiving an offer diminishes somewhat, of that there is no doubt”.

If you’d like to make a difference to your chances of selling your property, you can take advantage of a great offer currently available from Swift Carpets and Flooring in Paignton. You could have your Hallway, Staircase and Landing re-carpeted for as little as £150 inclusive of fitting. Visit www.swiftcarpetsandflooring.co.uk or call 01803 555560 to book your free no obligation measure today! Hurry, this exceptional offer ends on Valentine’s Day 2015.