The floor is the base of your home life. Your choice determines how you want your home to look and how you want to use it.

And you should choose with care. It is easier to change your furniture than the floor, so it is worth spending time on getting the choice right, and investing in quality that lasts.

The Look

To choose Karndean, first of all you have to love the look of natural hard wood or stone floor – whether you love simplicity or more sophisticated effects. There are hundreds of different styles, colours, tones, textures and decorative finishes to choose from.


Karndean offers all the attractions of wood and stone without any of the drawbacks of these materials.

Karndean floors still need care and attention with maintenance and cleaning being minimal. Cleaning with a mop and Karndean routine cleaner is all that is needed.

Karndean is also ideal for laying over underfloor heating systems.


Karndean copes beautifully with the rigours of busy commercial and retail environments, so it can handle the toughest domestic situation.

Designflooring is hard wearing, we offer a Lifetime guarantee on all of our products.

In the unlikely event of damage, a Karndean Designflooring plank or tile can be replaced easily.  This is a huge advantage over products supplied on a roll such as carpet, linoleum and sheet vinyl and click together floors such as laminate, as damage means a costly replacement of your whole floor.