Characterised by its stunning opulence and insatiable comfort, who wouldn’t want to recreate the luxurious living style of a boutique hotel at home? Pairing its antique glamour with modernistic appeal, the sumptuous style of the boutique hotel is simple to reinvent, just by incorporating a few key principles.

From elegant hues to lavish fabrics, here we give you a few ideas to help transform your home into a place you’ll never want to check out of…



Furniture – the beauty of this decorative look lies in combining classic furniture with tantalising textiles. Chesterfield armchairs and crushed velvet sofas are indicative, however, if you’re looking to incorporate accents to existing pieces, throws and cushions can bring the essence of the style with ease and comfort.

Colours and patterns – deep, rich palettes are at the heart of this look; promoting timeless elegance and intimacy. Look to your favourite shade, opting for a hue or two darker. If you have enough wall space, create the feeling of elegance by pairing your colour scheme with a stylised wallpaper, like Zoffany’s Ebru pictured below.
AP04 Hallway P CM edit

Lighting – setting the right ambience is imperative and lighting plays a key role in adding substance to the overall décor scheme. From matching side lamps that offer softer lighting to crystal cut chandelier shades which subtly manoeuvre light around a room, it’s always important to consider the demands of your room and design the lighting accordingly.


LLP111 Boston Bedroom P

Accessories – be selective with room accessories. Attention to detail is important, so keep to only a handful of attractive, artful pieces. Cut-glass and mirrored photo frames, candle holders and decorative collectables will add exquisite touches of glamour. Or if you’re wanting to make a statement, a large wall-hanging or appropriately sized sculpture make perfect focal points.