Over the past 18 months, polished concrete flooring is a trend that’s gained steady traction, becoming a favourite of many designers. The raw material’s versatile and adaptable look gives you the ability to create a striking finish in any interior space.

If you’re seeking a flooring design that will act as more than just a canvas, adding substance to your evolving home decor, polished concrete is the perfect choice. Its natural and varying shades create a base that doesn’t conform to just one style.

Despite its look, for many, concrete isn’t an ideal flooring choice, particularly when you consider its hardness (your Le Creuset will not fair well if they were to meet accidentally) –it’s also uncomfortable and cold under foot, and let’s not even mention the catastrophic effects of moisture. Plus, the cost, time and logistics of installing polished concrete can be lengthy and complex. For those who like the look, but not the impracticality, our designflooring range offers some beautiful designs which recreate the unique visuals of concrete, but without the drawbacks.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Karndean alternative designs, which not only bring a modern edge, but also an organic warmth to any interior scheme.

LLT201 ColoradoDiningRoom Cameo CM (1)

Ideal for installing over most existing hard floors, Karndean’s LooseLay Colorado (shown above) rectangular tile replicates the look of sealed concrete beautifully. Creating a timeless appeal, the design offers the look of polished concrete, which perfectly pairs with industrial and reclaimed interiors.

SP215 Ferra Lounge P2

Karndean’s Opus Ferra (above) tile is a sleek, modernistic design which oozes elegance. Although inspired by slate, the steely charcoal base, boasts hints of copper and silver tones. The nature of the large 18″ x 24″ tile creates a striking and contemporary look, adding real impact to any space.

SP714 Clarus Kitchen Cameo2

The mixture of grey and silver hues of Karndean’s Opus Clarus* provides a clean, washed finish. Like Ferra, these large scale tiles offer versatility and quick installation and can be laid with or without the grout effect design strip.