Leoline is one of the main suppliers of vinyl flooring we stock at Swift Carpets and Flooring.


What is Leoline Flooring?

Leoline floors are made from PVC, often called vinyl flooring or cushion flooring. Leoline flooring comes on a roll and is formed in layers. The layers give it several advantages such as enhanced protection with a protective PU lacquer (Superguard) and lasting wear.

By adjusting the thickness of wearlayer and the thickness and density of the PVC foam backing, Leoline flooring can be ‘tuned’ to perform certain duties better. There are Leoline floors that are better at sound reduction or provide increased recovery from furniture indents in busy spaces for example.


Where can Leoline flooring be used?

All Leoline floors are easy to look after and can be used anywhere in your home including with underfloor heating. For added peace of mind, each floor comes with a warranty of between 5 -15 years dependent of the type of flooring chosen.

Leoline floors are created to provide your home with a durable, lasting and easy to look after floor. Whether hallway, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in the home, there is a Leoline floor right for you.


  • Available in 2, 3 and 4 metre widths for the best fit for your room
  • Great levels of underfoot comfort for a more comfortable home
  • Excellent durability, even in busy family homes
  • Warm to the touch for a cosy feel
  • Excellent noise reduction for a quieter home
  • Resistance to slipping
  • Realistic natural looks with embossed surfaces


Quality Products

Leoline floors are made at a state-of-the-art factory in with an on-site wind farm and recycling their waste. It is one of the world’s most efficient vinyl flooring factories. Manufacturing floors to the highest quality, they are confident a floor from Leoline is a great investment for your home, a fact underlined by their leading warranties.

Choosing a Leoline floor is choosing quality.

Information and image credit: https://www.leoline.co.uk/